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Strub's Woodcrib: Commitment to quality and value

Strub's Woodcrib LLC specializes in quality handcrafted bamboo parquet end-grained cutting boards, exotic wood/bamboo serving trays, stainless steel kitchen utensils with turned exotic wood handles, wall art and decore and much more.  Strub's Woodcrib focuses on precision with attention to detail while incorparating artistic expression using bamboo and/or vivid exotic woods.

My goal is to surpass your expectations with value and quality.  I take great pride in researching information and becoming knowledgeable about the woods and bamboo used and then produce premium high quality procducts that are user friendly with fresh clean lines which compliment today's modern environments.  It's taken years of experience to understand assembly techniques and master designs that are not only functional and superior in quality, but that also have exceptional visual appeal.  I tend to think pragmatically in just about every product, like my superior cutting boards that I believe are the best available. All of my products are made to high standards and promote themselves with elegance and lasting craftsmanship.  At Strub's Woodcrib, we strive for complete customer satisfaction and personal attention and to that end, I will personally make every attempt to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. You can reach me either by email or by phone.  It is my policy to respond to every sincere inquiry ASAP.  Please use the FAQ section for more information regarding the ordering products and shipping. 


What sets us apart:

  • Advantage 1  Experience
  • Advantage 2  Funtional artistic design
  • Advantage 3  Incredible workmanship and detail

Need more information?

Please contact me at 920-946-2095 or email me at ewoodman57@gmail.com.

Data Information

Strub's Woodcrib LLC

Owner -- Pete Strub, has been marketing his woodworking business since 1998, devolped first endgrain bamboo cutting boards in 2006.

Website:  www.strubswoodcrib.com

N8368 State Road 57

Elkhart Lake, WI. 53020

Phone: 920-946-2095

Email: ewoodman57@gmail.com

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