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Here are some great pics of the fabrication of one of my cullinary cutting boards.  Edges are cut with precision and then sanded.  Note that the glue is brushed out between both pieces of wood so there are no voids in the joining process.  This is a practice I apply to all of my joining.  Wax paper acts as a barrier to the clamping surfaces.  After all pieces are joined, they are clamped in multiple directions to prevent bowing.  Clamps remain on for over 24 hours.  The surfaces are then sanded with an oscillating sander, corners are marked and then carefully belt sanded.  From here the boards are hand sanded with 3 grits passes of (80, 150, and 220) with a random orbital pneumatic sanders.  Once the sanding is completed, they are branded after which holes for feet are drilled with a forstner bit and finished with a slurry of food safe oils and waxes.  They are allowed to absorb the oil/wax combo and stand for 24-48 hours before they are burnished with a 400 grit paper.  Final assembly includes the application of the stainless steel legs and silicone rubber feet.  Once complete, they are packaged in soft padded packing material and brought to market. This is a very labor intensive process and takes between 2-4 weeks (depending on the style of the board) from inception to competion. 

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