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We stand for innovation and get 5 star reviews

Strub's Woodcrib LLC offers a broad range of innovative prodcuts to meet your needs. Whether it's gift ideas or personal items, our products are crafted with precision with a touch of elegance, in fact; you can say each is a piece of "Functional Art".  Quality, excellence and unmatched beauty are all drawn together with original, yet practical designs. You'll always be proud to display our products and be delighted with their performance. Over the last several years, I've turned my direction more and more to our outstanding quality cutting boards and can now say, they simply are the best made. In essence, we manufacture a cutting board surface designed to be cut on. 

Qualities include:

  • Super hard, yet won't tend to dull knives
  • Safe -- Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and all food safe glues are used
  • Skid resistant with non-marring silicone rubber feet
  • Easy to care for with clean flowing lines, stainless steel legs, therefore; no handles or grooves for food or debris to accumulate
  • Sustainable; regrowth and harvesting every 5 1/2 to 6 years.  What's not used in the making of cutting boards is sold to other vendors or used in other ways, nothing is ever discarded!
  • Did you know?  Bamboo actually has a NEGATIVE CARBON FOOTPRINT!!  That's right, Bamboo actually sequesters more CO2 from our atmosphere than other trees and plants.  Another reason to use Bamboo!
  • 5 star rating

For ordering and shipping information, you can visit the FAQ's section on this website. I have elected to accept VISA/MC using direct phone orders and forego the convenience of a "shopping cart" because of the substantial cost in having that "cart feature" on my website.  Instead, I prefer to pass those savings onto you, the customer.

An overview of our manufacturing capabilities:

  • professional grade construction with precision tools
  • premium grade Moso bamboo
  • hand selected exotic woods
  • original designs
  • brushed on food-safe glue of all joints, no voids
  • personal attention to detail
  • final hand sanding for impecable finish
  • superior fit 

Footnote:  The prices for many raw materials including oil, steel, non-ferrous metals, resins, wood and bamboo (to name a few) have risen dramatically over pre-pandemic highs as reported recently in the WSJ.  Even the cost of shipping has increased.  My prices reflect some of those increased costs, but I've also tried to absorb much of it.  One thing we will never do, is lower our standards of precision and value.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Design Series, Gourmet Bamboo Cutting Board:

#1218BR  (12" x 18" x 1.5") This solid Bamboo cutting board with South America Bloodwood and dark African Wenge create a rich, colorful yet an ideal cutting surface. End-grained Moso bamboo make this board exceptionally hard yet it won't tend to dull knives.  Stainless steel legs add that touch of elegance that compliment today's modern kitchen and non-marring silicone rubber feet make this board skid resistant, creating a solid and dependable cutting surface handling any of your cutting tasks. It's one of the most popular cutting boards we sell, because it's not only functional, it's gorgeous.  Remember, it's not just a "cutting board", it's a surface designed to be cut on!

Priced at $350.00     Limited suppy  (2) 


#1218ZW  Design Series, Gourmet Bamboo Cutting Board:

(12"x18"x1.5")  I call these my mirror end boards, because these unique exotic woods that border both ends of the parquet bamboo, mirror each other in the same order and look, hense the name.  The concept is actually an orginal of mine and has become the most popular of my design series boards.  This cutting board has an outer edge of new stunning Central American Bocote.  This Bocote is very unusual because of the frequent swirls of black within this dark amber wood.  Adjacent is  Birdseye Maple which has it's own ripples and character.   The inner dark exotic wood is African Wenge, all creating an elegant, georgeous and durable cutting surface. All the exotic woods I incorporate in my cutting boards or serving trays, are food safe and have a Janka score equal to or great than hardrock north american maple. With end grained Moso bamboo at it's core, this board is extremely hard, yet won't tend to dull your knives.  Stainless steel legs and silicone rubber feet add stability yet enhance today's modern kitchens with clean lines that provides easy cleaning without the need for handles or grooves. Truly, a surface designed to be cut on. 

Priced at $350. Limited suppy  (1) 


New sized Gourmet Bamboo Cutting Board:  (13"x18"x1.5")

#1318PB  Much like the popular 12x15 Parquet cutting board, except this one is larger. This is 3 inches longer and an inch wider giving you a huge cutting surface found only in some of the design series.  This 13x18 Parquet Bamboo cutting board has a practical design, yet contemporary with smooth lines making it exceptionally easy to clean. As with all of my end grained cutting boards, we use Moso bamboo, which is super hard, yet won't tend to dull knives.  Stainless steel legs add the elegance which compliments today's modern kitchens. You'll be proud to show off any of my cutting boards, but this board maximises your cutting surface for the real culinary person you are. We use the height of the legs to create a perfect space to easily place your fingers under the board to move to your desired location, thus avoiding handles or grooves, which do nothing but accumulate dirt or food residue, making cleaning this board a snap.  Of course the non-marring feet are designed to be skid resistant so you can use your other hand to hold the food and not the board.  We design surfaces to be cut on. 

Priced at:  $259  (15 available)

Gourmet Cutting Board:

#1215PB    (12" x 15" x 1.5") This solid Bamboo cutting board is considered to be the best value of any of my gourmet cutting boards. Like many of the design series, it consists of end-grained moso bamboo, but with the large 12x15 inch size, it also means that you can easily manage cutting most foods without crowding the surface. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without adding the stainless steel legs and silicone rubber feet, which makes it easy to handle and creates a stable surface to cut on.  All hand-crafted with an original design, this truly is a best buy value that's priced at only:  

Priced at $205      (15 available)


Small Bamboo Cutting Board:  (8.25"x13"x1.5")

#813WMB  This Bamboo cutting board is patterned after one of my most popular design series gourmet cutting boards that I sell, only smaller, with uniquely handcrafted multi-color exotic woods made of Bocote, Maple or yellow bamboo and Wenge. This creates a visually interesting and aesthetic cutting surface.  End-grained moso bamboo make this board exceptionally hard, yet these surfaces won't tend to dull knives.  Non-marring silicone rubber feet make this board skid resistant, creating a solid and dependable cutting surface handling any of your meidum cutting tasks  "We design surfaces to be cut on."

Priced at $195   (5 available)


Medium Bamboo and Exotic wood cutting board    8.25"x13"x1.5")


This incredible cutting board has matching exotic wood ends of Wenge, Maple or blond bamboo, and Brazilian Cherry with end-grained Moso bamboo.  This is a smaller version of the larger double ended board sold for nearly $300.  It's absolutely stunning and has silicone non-marring rubber feet.  Finished in a burnished carnuba and bees was along with butcher block oil to help keep it's beauty for a long time. "We design surfaces to be cut on"  

Priced at $195   (4 available)


#0909PB   9 x 9 x 1.5" end grained Moso bamboo cutting board with non-marring silicone rubber feet.  Ideal for cutting garnish and small items.  Especially suited for wetbars, small kitchens, RV's or boats.  Finished in burnished food safe oils and waxes. 


No longer available

#0609PB   (7"x9"x1.5") Moso Bamboo end-grained cutting board is just like the one pictured above without the stainless steel legs, but still has the skid resistant non-marring silicone feet.  It's perfect for garnishes and easily stores in your drawer.  Also, great companion for those cutting chores when something smaller is appropriate, like in your RV, Boat or your entertainment bar.  Whatever the need, this board will provide you with years of durability and satisfaction. 

Priced at only $70.00     (3 available)


#BERBEM  Hanging wallart.  10.5" X 18" X 1" This stunning two-toned birdseye maple with rich blue epoxy resin inlay has been maticulously fashioned to highlight any wall or decor.  This will have a unique floating frame as shown in one of the pictures below, but the frame will be a new material called Richlite, which is composed of 65% recycled paper compressed in a 35% phenolic black resin which is allowed to harded.  It is then cut and assembled using epoxy and hidden screws and then supported with aluminum pegs.  This is an Original handcrafted piece.   Another "One of a Kind".        Sold


Serving Tray

#1218BRST   Crossply bamboo serving tray with S.American Bloodwood and African Wenge bookends.  Gorgeous original design that's great for serving snacks, drinks, and hors d'oeuvres.  Includes non-marring, skid resistant silcione rubber feet. Finished with food safe oils and waxes.  Approx. size 18"L x 12"W x 3/4"H, not including height of handles.

Priced at $215     (2 available)

Serving Tray

#1218ZMW  Crossply bamboo serving tray bookended with African Zebrawood or Mexican Bocote, Blonde Bamboo or Maple, and  black African Wenge.  This elegant and visually stunning serving tray is another original design that's great for serving drinks or food to your guests.  Features non-marring, skid resistent silicone rubber feet and complimentary black handles.  Finished with food safe oils and waxes.  Dimensions are approximated 18"L x 12"W x 3/4" thick, not including height of hendles or rubber feet. 

Priced at $235.00     (3 available))

S  Hapkin holder is approx. 5.5 inches wide x 5.5 inches tall, and 2 3/4 inches deep.  Made of Leopardwood and Birdseye Maple with a stripe of Zircote, this is a wildly figured wood combo.   Can be used as letter/envelope holder as well as small towel holder.  Satin Lacquer finish resting on felt pads. 


New!  Hanging Wallart River Epoxy set in Birdseye Maple.  This will have a unique floating frame as the picture shows below, but the frame will be a new material called Richlite.  Richlite is composed of 65% recycled paper compressed in a 35% phenolic black resin which is allowed to harded.  It is then cut and assembled using epoxy and hidden screws and then supported with aluminum pegs.  using resourced paper compressed in a phenolic black resin supported with aluminum pegs

Measures --18"L x 10"W x 1"Depth

Priced $650 with floating black frame made of Richlite.

One of a kind!  

NEW!  River Epoxy Wall Art on live edge curly burled Maple.  Uniuqe floating frame held with aluminum pins adds depth and dimension to this "one of a kind" works of art   Measures approx. 22"H x 13.5" wide and 1" depth. Frame above not representative of actual frame,  New frame made of 7/8" stratum bamboo and black Richlite

Priced at $1000  Sold

Live edge Maple burl with colored acrylic inlay.  felt skid buttons on bottom.  Approx. 6" wide and 5 1/2" high with 2 3/4" base.  


Priced at $57.00


Napkin or Towel holder.  6"W x 5"H x 2.5" wide base.  Black Walnut swirl with Bali coral inlay, just enough to make it "pop".  One of a kind", therefore, call for availability. 

Priced at only $67.00


NEW!  River Epoxy resin wall hanging on African Black Mumbo exotic wood.  This will have a unique floating frame as shown in one of the pictures above.   The frame will be a new material called Richlite, which is composed of 65% recycled paper compressed in a 35% phenolic black resin which is allowed to harded.  It is then cut and assembled using epoxy and hidden screws and then supported with aluminum pegs. Approx. 15"H x 10W x 1"D.

Priced at $250 with dark floating frame available in late May/early June 2021 


#11516WBCRX   Crosscut figured Black Walnut burl capturing a spiritual moment in time. Cross is made of Blonde crossply bamboo. Of note, is the orange Bali coral ball seemingly developing a path through space.  One of a kind  beauty, framed in curly maple. 

Approx. 16"W x 15"H

Priced at $195

(1 available)

New!!   Original design, spalted maple cribbage board with slide out drawer with deck playing cards and 6 metal pegs for two people. Approx. 15" long x 5" wide and 1.5" thick.

Priced at $250.00 

Variations in exotic woods based on availability.  Will send pics of current board.

New Bocote Cribbange Board   (Sold out)

Hidden slide out drawer made of Peruvian Walnut and Birdseye Maple. Drawer remains secure with concealed magnet. 

Combination of exotic woods in their natural colors.

Sorry, these sell quickly and can not keep in stock! 

Unique and rare Cross made of Bark Maple, mounted on crosscut figured Black Walnut  burl with distinctive medulary rays radiating outward.  One of a kind wall hanging, framed in curly maple.

Approx. size 17.5"Hx13"W

Priced at $205  SOLD





Wall Hanging Artwork Cross


#1321OWPCRX   New hanging artwork measuring 13.25 in. x 21 in. Framed in beautifully grained Mediterranean Olivewood (aka, Holy Wood), this cross is made of a striking multi-colored bamboo and mounted on bookended African Padauk with graining expressing a spriritual presence. 

Priced at $220


Oblique view

Note:  Striking orange padauk dowel plugs

Need more information?  Please call, text or email me.  Thanks

All prices include shipping within the continental United States, usually via UPS.  We do accept checks and now also accept VISA/MC with telephone orders.  I do not provide a shopping cart online, purely because of the inherent +$200 additional cost to my website, thus I can pass those savings onto you. 

We'd be happy to provide you with further details on any of our products. Please either email us at:

ewoodman57@gmail.com or phone us at: 

 920-946-2095 or

use our contact form.

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