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What customers are saying about us:

"I absolutely love it"   Dawn in Colorado

"Best cutting board we've ever had"    Jack in California

"The instruction for getting stains out were right on.  I will make sure we apply the butcher block oil more often as per you suggestion"    Maggie in Chicago, Ill. 

"Your cutting boards are virtually indestructible, we use ours all the time and love it!"   Bernie in Indianapolis, Ind.

"We love ours, and for us, that's saying a lot!"   Elizabeth in Iowa

"Best cutting board we've ever had"    Jamie in New York, New York

"We're so happy to have run into your display, we purchased ours (cutting board) 3 years ago and have now purchased more for gifts for our family"  Bob and Mary,  Jackson, Mississippi

"It's so beautiful, we were afraid to cut on it, but eventually we did and it's held up so well, it still looks new"    Amber in Tampa, FL

"Peter, you're such an expert craftsman, we really appreciate our cutting board"    Tom from Austin, Texas

"They're (cutting boards) so beautiful and perfect for our needs.  We will be back to buy more for gifts"   Connie, Milwaukee, WI

"We absoulutely love ours, best cutting board and goes so well with our kitchen"   Becky and Karl from Minnesota

"We can't begin to tell you how much we love your cutting board"   Miranda and Ben in Springfield, Ill. 

"We bought ours back in 2014, loved it so much, we now are buying more as gifts"   Abert and Maria in Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Pete really stands behind his cutting boards.  We had a crack and he replaced it with a new one.  Completely satisfied."  Leonard in Syracuse, NY

"I love it"  Pat from Madison, WI

"Love all your stuff, but especially the cutting board, it's beautiful"   Karla from Memphis, Tenn.

"You were so informative and your work is so exceptional and precise, we feel when we use our cutting board, it's a work of art that truly came from a craftsman.  We love ours (cutting board).   Nick and Emily from Cleveland, OH

"Your cutting boards were perfect gifts and are truly amazing"   Brenda from Milw., Wi. 

"Without a doubt, this is the best cutting board out there"   Ken in Ohmaha, Neb.

"I'm a chef and what's truly great about your cutting boards, is that I can make continuous cuts on this thing all day and not get any muscle fatigue because the knives do not drag; they simply glide over the top of the board.  It's perfect for my needs!"   Devon from Milw., WI

"Everything you make is so beautiful, I'd give your work a 5 star".  Stella from Chicago, Ill.


And, these are just a few of the many many compliments I get about these bamboo cutting boards.  You won't find a better cutting board anywhere!


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